Every month we select our five favourite films from a particular decade. With the current fad for everything to do with the eighties, this we thought we'd go back to the decade which brought us Neighbours, Rick Astley and shell suits.






Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the roles of Harry and Sally. The most charming and though-provoking moving of the eighties. Can men and women be just good friends? When Harry Met Sally - Harry and Sally are two friends who meet after graduation. The film follows the pair through the next ten years as they try to make lives for themselves in Manhattan. After a shaky beginning, they become close friends, and though both have suffered a series of ill-fated relationships, they vow to remain just platonic friends. Their relationship slowly changes to love and they have difficulty acknowledging their true feelings to each other.

Back to the Future - starring a youthful Michael J. Fox in one of his most memorable roles. Zoom here to buy the DVDs Back to the Future - superb entertainment that combines comedy, nostalgia, time travel and a DeLorean car in a delightful and heady mix. Everything fits together perfectly, from the in-jokes, the paradoxes, the music, and the last minute dash where everything conspires against Marty McFly. Twenty years on, the sight of the crack-pot inventor dangling from the clocktower still gets you wriggling to the edge of your seat.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - a naff cover, but a pulsating film. Click here to check out the widescreen DVD box set at our store Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indiana Jones is an archaeologist and adventurer whose quests for rare antiquities frequently finds him running from one menace or another. In this, the first film of a trilogy, Dr Jones is in the middle of a Nazi plot to use the mysterious powers of the Ark of the Covenant to win the war. The constant, cliffhanger appeal of the movie is great fun - one is always wondering how Indy will get out of one scrape after another.

Rain Man - click here to check out all the DVD versions @ our partner store Rain Man - Charlie (Tom Cruise) finds out his father has died. He is enranged to discover he was been merely left an antique convertible, while Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), an Autistic brother who he never knew existed, has been left his father's entire fortune. Charley kidnaps Raymond from his residential home. They overcome their distrust of each other, and a bond is forged as they painfully share past memories, present problems and a possible future together.

St. Elmo's Fire has a host of stars including Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy. Click here to check out the DVD version St. Elmo's Fire - starring the so-called Brat Pack of the eighties, this film is about college grads having trouble getting to grips with adulthood. Each actor plays a rather narrow type with problems common to his or her classification. Some - as with Rob Lowe's seemingly doomstruck character - are more absurd than others. But absurdity isn't the issue in this film; it's nostalgic trip back through our own younger days when we were trying to find our way through the jungle of life.

We had a hard time deciding between these and other classics from the era such as Top Gun, Terminator, Beverly Hills Cop, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, the Secret of My Success and so many others... you can get more details about all these other blockbusters at our partner store.

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