iFilm said about this movie: 'Guy Ritchie repeats himself in his second comedy caper. You'll laugh too hard to care.'

Mickey O'Neil (Brad Pitt) a Gypsy boxer. Brad Pitt and Vinnie Jones star in this tale of a London jewel heist, the film from Mr Madonna and the director of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' Guy Ritchie

Vinnie Jones has come a long way since his Wimbledon days and can now be considered a seasoned veteran in the field of acting
Director: Guy Ritchie
Cast: Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, Alan Ford, Benicio Del Toro, Jason Statham,
Duration: 102 minutes

A diamond heist gone helter-skelter, the rough and tumble world of bare knuckle boxing, a colorful Irish gypsy and...a dog. Writer-director Guy Ritchie's highly anticipated Snatch is a rollicking ride through London's gangster world, the bustling diamond district and a rowdy gypsy camp.

Diamond thief and courier Franky Four Fingers arrives in London en route to New York to deliver a huge diamond to boss Avi . In his mission to offload smaller stones to Avi's cousin, Doug 'The Head' and other local Hatton Garden jewelers, he is tempted into placing a bet on an illegal boxing bout by Boris 'The Blade' . Little does he know that Boris has set him up - and local pawnshop owners Vinny and Sol, along with their rather plump getaway driver, Tyrone are to rob him at the bookies.

Meanwhile, novice unlicensed boxing promoters Turkish and his business partner Tommy move into the 'big time' through a fight with local kingpin villain, boxing promoter and pig farm owner, Brick Top. But when the novice's fighter is knocked out by Mickey O'Neil, a wildcard Irish gypsy boxer, the boys convince him to fight in their boxer's place in Brick Top's rigged match.

Unfortunately, Mickey proves to be highly unreliable and the duo find themselves in trouble as the fearless fighter refuses to "go down in the fourth" as planned. Luckily, the gypsy's prowess and technique impress Brick Top - saving all three from the fate of his pig farm. The catch is Mickey has to fight again - and has to get it right this time - since Brick Top more than happy to use brutality and bloodshed to make his point.

In New York, news that Franky has been waylaid by the bookies sends Avi into a tailspin and he and his henchman hop on a plane to London. They hire local legend, 'Bullet Tooth' Tony to find Franky and the diamond. The sorry fate of the diamond courier is soon discovered and the hunt for the missing stone launches everyone into a madcap spiral which threatens to spin out of control...

Double-crossing, double bluffing and double-dealing abound as various parties pursue personal agendas - all of them illegal, some of them farcical and most of them destined to end in blood, pain and retribution. As plans go haywire and tempers fray, dogs, diamonds, caravans, boxers and assorted weaponry get swept up into a chaotic free-for all...

DVD Extras: Director And Producer Commentary, Stealing Stones Feature, Weblink, Making Of Documentary, Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary, Behind The Scenes, Interviews, International Trailer, Teaser Trailer, Photo Library, Production Notes, Filmographies

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