Which is your favourite Yuletide-themed movie? This month's first poll asks which your best Yuletide-themed flick is. The second poll asks you to vote for your favourite foreign-actress.

Take part in our new 1980s and 1990s movie polls... click here to visit Lycos's section devoted to the eighties In our features section we picked When Harry Met Sally as our favourite film of the eighties and last month's poll asked you to vote for your favourite eighties and nineties movies.

Favourite eighties flick for UKHotMovies.com visitors was Back to the Future and E.T., with Raider's of the Lost Ark and When Harry Met Sally coming a close second. Your fave nineties movie surprised us, being none other than American Pie and Sleepless in Seattle! You also missed Forrest Gump and Kate Winslet's Titanic.

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