Cast: Patrick Stewart, Alan Cumming, James Marsden, Famke Janssen, Shawn Ashmore, Daniel Cudmore, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
US Release Date: May 2nd, 2006
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Plot: The sequel to the box office hits X-Men and X-Men 2, the uncanny mutants return to the silver screen to continue their quest to defend a world that hates and fears them. 20th Century Fox has yet to publish a synopsis of the third movie but, as soon as they do, will reveal all here! There is not much known about the storyline for the third film, except X-Men producer Lauren Schuler-Donner has revealed that the Dark Phoenix story arc would continue and that the film would likely introduce either The Beast or Gambit. "I have a great idea for Gambit but I can't say what it is," she hinted.

It would seem that somebody has been able to get a little bit of information from the set of X-Men 3, including very important plot details. On a film industry blog a user has posted the latest scoop from the production of X-Men 3. In the scoop the user claims to know who dies, in what order, and why [without descriptions]. Evidence has appeared which seems to prove this scoop is true, so only read the next paragraph if you are happy to know what will happen in the film due for release in less than a year!:

"I was on the X-Men 3 set in Victoria today and talked to a production assistant and saw part of a script for the movie and I can say that for sure Professor X dies as well as Scott. Professor X dies from some sort of a disease and the whole movie is centered on Gean gray's alter ego Phoenix. She ends up killing Scott as well as her self who is the third death in the movie. Today, the 13th, was when Halle Berry said her Eulogy at Professor X's funeral and the movie ends with Halle talking on in the foot steps of Professor X and Logan ( Hugh Jackman ) standing over Scott's grave in the gardens at Royal Roads. Other notes is that Storm's hair is quite short in this movie they have also changed the way Logan looks there will be no sentinels in this movie but Juggernaut will be in it."

News and gossip: In a recent report from the good people at the official Star Trek website, Patrick Stewart was caught discussing X-Men 3 rather than Star Trek at the Vegas Con. Check out a snippet of the report below:

Patrick Stewart at Vegas Con. It was never a guarantee that Patrick Stewart ("Captain Picard") would make this convention, because of a shifting start date on "X-Men 3," in which Stewart reprises the role of "Professor Xavier." In fact, the movie started production just the previous week in Vancouver, but he was still able to get away for a weekend in Vegas. "We have shot five days on 'X-Men 3,'" he announced to hearty applause.

"It's wonderful," he continued about the new movie during his Sunday appearance. "Already some amazing things have been put in the can, some surprises — [including] one surprise which will never even appear in a script form. We've just shot it. It's so secret, that there was never, ever allowed anything to be on paper about it."

As X-fans should know, the third film in the franchise has a different director than the previous two, and Stewart commented on that. "I think Brett Ratner is going to do a fantastic job on this movie. He's an extraordinary, gifted man, and I think the perfect choice to direct X3. We miss Bryan Singer, of course, because this is the man that launched this franchise so outstandingly." The film will continue production through December, during which Stewart will be working on it intermittently.

Since the team at were overly disappointed that Bryan Singer left the franchise, even for Superman Returns, we can't help to say that all good news from the X-Men front is great news. Seeing that Patrick Steward claims that a few surprises won't even be written on paper, I guess we can throw out the rumor that Ratner is still using the 'horrid' X-Men 3 script; something he has already denied.

Review: To read's verdict on X-Men 2 go here.

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