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Our friendly team is on hand to ensure you get as much bang for your buck as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about advertising on UKHotMovies.com

We are known by most of the movie studios and their marketing people in London and have no problem attracting advertisingPortal attracts over 25,000 affluent UK visitors a month

The sale includes the website, with all the current content and archives + about 30 logos, all made by professional graphic designers + 20 banners, including flash ones + offline marketing materials (stickers, posters) + online marketing logistics + prestigious, memorable UK phone numbers (0870 870 2222/3) + face-to-face assistance for two whole days + telephone and email assistance on running the business for an entire year!We have spent thousands of pounds on advertising the site online and offline

We have a writer and a programmer working full-time on new and original content. It is costing us thousands of pounds, but will help pull visitors back to the site again and again - and, due to highly sophisticated programming, will require no maintenence once it is up and running!Thousands of permanent links to UKHotMovies.com in Google, Yahoo and Bing

People contact us every day asking to advertise with us

The film industry is a fun and glamorous sector to work in

Massive growth potential with online movie downloads

Why Buy UKHotMovies.com?

Other movie sites come and go, but UKHotMovies.com was leading the pack as far back as 2001 and has grown to such an extent over the years that we have advertisers clamouring to market their wares on our portal.

The reason for our success is down to one thing: investment. We have worked day and night for years on building a world-class site and drawing traffic to it without even thinking about making a profit. It is only recently, now that we have have begun to draw a loyal base of regular visitors, that we have started placing prominent advertising on the site.

The portal has been widely acclaimed for the quality of its reviews. Unlike our rivals, we don't make do with second-rate reviews written by students; our reviews are scripted by award-winning UK and US movie critics. They are often rewritten/edited a dozen times before being good enough to add to our site. The BBC's Jonathan Ross praised UKHotMovies.com for "feisty, hard-hitting reviews from some of the best online critics in Blighty".

We have spent a huge amount of money on buying permanent listings in dozens of directories (as opposed to other sites who only buy advertising on a monthly or annual basis).

Details about the Portal

Age of site: since 2001.

Site design: It took our professional designer several weeks to create and perfect the current look of the site. The portal has gone through several revamps over the years to keep it up-to-date and enhance its appearance.

To give you an idea of how much effort we have put into the site, just coming up with the perfect logo took us several months. We asked 17 graphic designers to come forward with different ideas and create sample logos. Then we picked the best one. All the logos - over 50 of them - will be sent to the purchaser of UKHotMovies.com.

Traffic statistics: over 25,000 unique visitors per annum.

Site demographics: The majority of our surfers are between the ages of 18-45 and over 85% are from the UK. 55% of visitors are male, 45% female. The average annual income is £47,000. Over 95% have a credit card and 90% have made an online purchase in the last year.

Source of traffic: We have spent thousands of pounds buying permanent links to UKHotMovies.com at numerous large, medium and small web directories. Those links to UKHotMovies.com will there forever: even ten years down the line they will be sending traffic to UKHotMovies.com.

Even if you were never to spend a penny more on promoting the site, it would continue to pull in a significant amount of a month for years to come. Unlike other websites which are dependent on Google's algorithm and can see their traffic plummet overnight, we have invested a huge amount of time and money to ensure the traffic to UKHotMovies.com is not dependent on any one source.

There are thousands of references to UKHotMovies.com in search engines. You can see how many sites mention and link to UKHotMovies.com in Google and Yahoo. Due to the enormous number of backlinks to UKHotMovies.com it holds the top three positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing for popular search terms. These include number one and two positions in Google for several common terms.

Thousands of people have downloaded our actor and actress wallpapers. Each wallpaper has not one but two references to UKHotMovies.com. With huge numbers of people seeing our logo and web address on their desktop every time they switch on their computer, it ensures a steady stream of repeat visitors.

Net revenue per annum: £xxx.xx pounds of revenues per month. More details provided when you contact us and sign a confidentiality contract.

Until recently, we have been concentrating on drawing traffic to the site and providing a quality user experience rather than monitizing the traffic. Hence there has been little above-the-fold advertising on the site. The amount of income the site generates could be increased. Because of the years of effort in building the UKHotMovies.com brand, we have no problem attracting advertisers: indeed, we are in the privileged position of having countless advertisers contacting us every month!

Time required to run business: a minimum of three hours a week. You can, obviously, spend more time if you wish to expand the business and generate more revenue. The great thing about this business is you can run it from the comfort of your own home, while on holiday anywhere in the world, even on the beach!

Specific source of revenue: Affiliate program links; sponsorship deals; campaigns from movie studios such as Disney, Buena Vista, Touchstone Pictures; set-period campaigns from general advertisers such as Amazon, Procter & Gamble, eBay UK and Alpha Telecom; Google Adsense.

UKHotMovies.com has been accepted to host CPM and CPC advertising from all the major UK, European and US ad networks. The networks are extremely selective and only accept high quality, high traffic sites. These include Media.net, TribalFusion, Google Adsense, Casale Media, Gorilla Nation and several others.

Any other pertinent information: UKHotMovies.com is the product of tens of thousands of hours of work, mainly spent on promoting the URL. For example, one of our staff members manually wrote emails to 3,000 websites encouraging them to link to us!

A phenomenal amount of effort has also gone into automating sections of the portal and future-proofing the coding, so the site will require minimum maintenance.

It is important to have fun while you work. The film industry is glamorous. Would you rather be reading and writing about a new Tom Cruise movie or a 'revolutionary' oven cleaning spray? Would you rather attend an exclusive press screening of a forthcoming James Bond film or go to a convention for insurance salespeople? We get invited to film premieres and are bombarded with free DVDs, games and toys from movie studios - it's a fabulous industry to be in!

What's included in the price: UKHotMovies.com domain name; all content (reviews from award-winning film critics; countless actor galleries with top quality photos and wallpapers); several logos; over 30 professionally-designed banner adverts; thousands of links to UKHotMovies.com from all over the web; contact details of advertisers, movie studios, PR companies; offline marketing materials (stickers, posters etc.); prestigious, memorable UK phone numbers; face-to-face assistance for two days (travel, accommodation at our expense); 50 hours of telephone and email assistance on running the business.

The knowledge we have built up in this field is one of the most valuable assets we have. We normally charge companies £70.00 an hour for consultancy work, but, within the price of the
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website, we will share the knowledge we have gathered through spending tens of thousands of hours 'in the trenches' building profitable dot.coms. You will find out all the tricks and techniques we have learnt over the last ten years of running an online business. The consultancy and assistance in itself is worth over £5,000.00!

Our team has built over 400 profitable websites. We employ unique marketing and revenue-generating strategies which differ from other online businesses and that is the reason why our sites are profitable and most others struggle. UKHotMovies.com is probably one of the only profitable film site in the UK and we will tell you all our secrets so that you can rake in money with this and other online ventures!

Asking price: Due to family reasons, we need to sell this business as soon as possible and so have reduced the price substantially. One of Britain's leading business brokers valued it at £70,000 when the site was at its peak £4,995, which is around US $5,950. Special offer for : we are willing to accept 20% off our asking price if you contact us before the end of this month!

Franchise Opportunities: If you don't wish to buy the site, we have another exciting option: you may take out a franchise! We will help you set up a new portal which will allow you to replicate our success in another territory. As we have created most of the scripts, content and know-how required, it will involve far less time, money and stress than setting up a site from scratch. Through years of experimentation, we know what works, so you will be able to build a profitable business a lot quicker.

Franchises cost from $2,950 to $7,950 depending on the territories involved and how much assistance is required. Unlike other companies, we do not take a penny of your revenue once the franchise has been acquired.

Further information: If you may be interested in buying our movie portal or taking out a franchise please email or ring us at our UK office on +44 (0) 20 33 55 4334 , our US office on +1 (760) 684-8120 anytime. We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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